NFPA 2001 Clean Agent Suppression - Standard Form Summary

Alex McGinnis
Alex McGinnis
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This form includes inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) for clean agent suppression systems in accordance with NFPA 2001.

Note: InspectionManager Pro Customers also have access to Joint Commission reports listing current Environment of Care EP references and requirements.


Edition(s): 2018

ITM intervals included: Quarterly, semi-annually, annually, 2 year, and 5 year as applicable for clean agent suppression systems.

Deficiencies: Inline deficiencies not currently available, but will be included in a later version.

Recommended Dispatch Service Line: (CASUP) Clean Agent Suppression

Required Assets: Asset name, definition, and parent/subasset requirements for all assets included in the form:

Asset Name Asset Definition Parent/Subasset/NA
Clean Agent Suppression clean_agent_suppression P
-> Suppression Control Panel -> suppression_control_panel s
-> Suppression Battery -> suppression_battery s
-> Clean Agent Cylinder -> clean_agent_cylinder s
Monitoring Communicator monitoring_communicator N/A
Suppression Duct Detector suppression_duct_detector N/A
Heat Detectors suppression _heat_detectors N/A
Suppression Spark/Ember Detector suppression_spark_ember_detector N/A
Suppression Flame Detector suppression_flame_detector N/A
Carbon Monoxide Detector carbon_monoxide_detector N/A
Suppression CO2 Detector suppression_carbon_dioxide_detector N/A
Gas Detectors gas_detectors N/A
Suppression Smoke Detector suppression_smoke_detector N/A
Suppression Beam Detector suppression_smoke_detector_beam N/A
Suppression Smoke/Heat Detector suppression_smoke_heat_detector N/A
Air Sampling Detector - Suppression suppression_air_sampling_detector N/A
Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector - Suppression suppression_smoke_carbon_monoxide_detector N/A
Alarm Circuit alarm_circuit N/A
Emergency Control Functions emergency_control_functions N/A
Suppression Bell suppression_bell N/A
Suppression Chime suppression_chime N/A
Suppression Chime/Strobe suppression_chime_strobe N/A
Suppression Horn suppression_horn N/A
Suppression Strobe suppression_strobe N/A
Suppression Horn/Strobe suppression_horn_strobe N/A
Suppression Loudspeaker/Strobe suppression_loudspeaker_strobe N/A
Control Head/Initiator suppression_control_head_initiator N/A
Suppression Pull Station suppression_manual_pull_station N/A
Releasing Device releasing_device N/A
Fire Suppression Supplementary Equipment suppression_supplementary_equipment N/A
Air Pressure Switch suppression_air_pressure_switch N/A
High/Low Air Pressure Switch - Suppression suppression_high_low_air_pressure_switch N/A
Low Air Pressure Switch - Suppression suppression_low_air_pressure_switch N/A
Suppression Tamper Switch suppression_tamper_switch N/A
Waterflow Switch suppression_waterflow_switch N/A

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