Creating, Viewing, and Editing Comments in the Mobile App

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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Whether it is a note for the office staff about the job, a reason for cancellation, or even simply a heads up about the work performed, comments are a regular part of the mobile app workflow.

This article will walk you through how to utilize the Comments Menu on a ServiceTrade Job in the Mobile App. Tap the Comments Box on the Job Page to navigate to Comments Menu.

Note: You cannot delete a comment in the mobile app.




Adding Comments


  1. On the Comments Menu, tap Add Comment to open the Add Comment Menu.
  2. Tap "Job" next to "Comment for:", then select Job, Location, or Service.
    • If you select Job or Location skip steps 4 and 5.
  3. The Select Service > button will now appear. Tap this button to open the Select Service Menu.
  4. Locate and select the Service you want to associate this comment too.
  5. Add a detailed comment.
  6. Toggle on or off if you would like to Make it visible to everyone.
  7. Tap Save when done.


Viewing Comments

On the Comments Page, a navigation toggle at the top allows your techs to quickly view comments that are visible to technicians by comment Job, Service, or All.

  • The Job tab displays comments that are specific to the Appointment's Job your tech is viewing.
  • The Service tab displays comments that have an association with a Service on the Appointment.
  • The All tab displays all comments included on the Job and Service tab, as well any Location comments specific to this Job.


You can use the Search Field to search for words or phrases in the comments.


The Comment will display:

  • The User that created the comment.
  • Date and Time the comment was created.
  • Whether the comment is associated with a Job, Location, or Service.
  • An Edit Pencil Icon, if the comment was created by you, to edit the comment.
  • A blue clickable link for the Service, if the Comment is associated with a Service.


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