Creating a Work Acknowledgment

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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A Work Acknowledgment is a document your customers can review and sign in the field. It will summarize all the work performed on a Job Appointment. When the customer signs this document they are indicating that the work has been completed.

Creating a Work Acknowledgment is typically the second to last step when a Tech completes a Job Appointment.

This article will walk Techs through creating a Work Acknowledgement on the ServiceTrade Mobile App.

Creating a Work Acknowledgement

  1. On a Job Appointment Page, tap the Create Work Authorization button. This will take you to the Create Work Acknowledgement Page.
  2. On this page, the Tech can review the following information before you create the Work Acknowledgement for your customer:
    • Contacts - Select an existing contact or create a new one for the person that will be signing the work acknowledgment
    • Services - Services assigned to the appointment the work acknowledgment is being created for. 
    • Job Items - Job items that were used on the appointment.
    • Files and Photos - Documents and photos that were uploaded to the appointment.
    • Deficiencies - Deficiencies that were created on the appointment.
    • Comments - Public comments on the job or location associated with the appointment.
    • Job Number - ServiceTrade job number associated with the appointment.
    • Job Type - Type of job being performed.
  3. On this page, there is also a text field where the Tech can add a Customer PO (if one is provided.)
  4. Once the Tech is done reviewing the Job Information. Tap the Review button in the top right corner. This will create the Work Acknowledgment.
  5. The Tech can now let the customer review the Work Acknowledgment.
    The customer must perform Steps 6-12.

    Customer Steps
  6. Once the customer has completed their review and approval, they need to tap to toggle on the acknowledgment toggle.
  7. Then the customer needs to tap the Confirm and Sign button.
  8. The customer will be taken to a screen where they will enter and review their contact information.
  9. The customer can tap to toggle on or off whether they want an email copy.
  10. Once done, the customer will tap the Next button in the top right corner.
  11. The customer will now be asked to provide their Signature if they "acknowledge this work has been completed as described."
    • If they need to redo their signature, they can tap Clear Signature and start over.
  12. Once done they will tap the Complete button in the top right corner.

    Tech Steps
  13. The Tech should now ask the customer for the Mobile Device.
  14. The Tech can ask if the customer wants any additional copies of the Work Acknowledgment. If the customer wants more copies they can be e-mailed using the Email Copy button below.
  15. The Tech can then tap the Done button in the top right corner to return to the appointment screen and clock out of the job.



Can I modify a Work Acknowledgment that has already been sent, and then resend it?

You can't modify a work acknowledgment after its creation. The PDF has been flattened and prohibits editing. 

However, a User with Admin credentials can delete the Work Acknowledgement from a Job, allowing the Tech to create another one. The one caveat to this is the Work Acknowledgment is not immediately available for the Techs to create after an Admin deletes it. It will take an indeterminate amount of time before the Tech can create a new one. 


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