How to View a Technician's Submissions

Matisse van Rossum
Matisse van Rossum
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This article will walk you through the steps to view a specific technician’s submissions in the Management Console. There are a couple of different ways to do this, depending on whether you want to see all of a tech’s submissions, or just their submissions for a specific form. First we will review how to see a complete list of a tech’s submissions.


After logging in to your Management Console, click the “Devices” tab from the action bar on the left.


Scroll through the Devices list to find the device belonging to the technician whose submissions you’d like to view, or use the search bar to find them. Once you have located the desired device, click on the device name to open up the device details page.


The right hand side of the device details page shows the list of technician’s submissions. Clicking “view” on any submission will open a pop-up with more information.


This pop-up will display the Submission ID, which can be used to easily locate the submission in the Submissions List if you want to examine its data. It also shows the name of the form submitted, when the submission was received, and which destinations it was successfully sent to. 


Clicking “Export submission list” at the top of the Recent Submissions list will open a menu that allows you to export the tech’s submissions to as either an Excel file (.xlsx) or as a Comma-separated file (.csv) from a desired range of dates.


To view all of a technician’s submissions for a specific form, navigate to the “Forms” tab, locate the desired form, and click the number under “Submissions” to open the Submissions List for that form.


Next, search for the technician’s name in the search bar and you will be left with the submissions of that particular form from that technician.


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