How to Export a Form's Submission Data

Matisse van Rossum
Matisse van Rossum
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The Device Magic Management Console allows you to export submission data as either an Excel File (.xlsx) or as a Comma-separated file (.csv). This article will walk you through the steps for that process.

First, after logging in to your Management Console, click the “Forms” tab in the action bar on the left.


Locate the form you wish to export data for, either by scrolling through the Forms list, or using the search bar. Once you have located the desired form, click the number under “Submissions” to go to the submissions list for that form. 


If you wish to export all the submission data for that form, click the “Download All” button in the top right corner, and choose the desired file type from the dropdown menu. This will automatically begin a download of the submission data.


If you only want to export data from a specific submission or submissions, check the boxes next to the desired submissions, click the “Bulk Actions” button, and choose a file type under the “Download Selected” heading in the dropdown menu.


When the data has been exported, it will appear in a format similar to the Management Console, with each submission occupying a single row of the spreadsheet, and each column representing a specific field on the form.


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