How to Delete a Dispatch

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Adam Graetz
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Important Note: ServiceForms is now ServiceTrade InspectionManager. InspectionManager retains all of the inspection automation benefits of its predecessor but with some important additions. To read more about this exciting change, read more here.


This article will walk you through the steps to delete a Dispatch from the Device Magic Management Console.

If a form is mistakenly dispatched to a technician, or if, for some reason, the tech is no longer required to fill out a form that was dispatched to them, the Dispatch will need to be manually deleted in the Management Console. Otherwise, it will remain in the Dispatches list on the tech’s Mobile Forms app. 

Note: Technicians cannot delete dispatches from within the mobile app. 

Deleting a Dispatch

  1. To delete a Dispatch, first login to your Device Magic Management Console.
  2. Click the Dispatches tab from the action bar on the left.DD2.png

  3. From the Dispatches list, locate the Dispatch you wish to delete and click the checkbox next to its name.
  4. Then click the gear icon on the right and select Remove from the dropdown menu.DD3.png

Deleting Multiple Dispatches in Bulk

  1. You can delete multiple dispatches simultaneously by clicking the checkboxes next to the dispatches you want to delete.
  2. Next, click Bulk Actions and select Remove from the dropdown menu. DD4.png

  3. These dispatches will now disappear from the technicians’ devices.

Note: Dispatches can also be set to be deleted automatically after a certain period of time if no action is taken on them. More information on this process can be found in this overview of the InspectionManager Connector.


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