How to Edit Submission Data, Resend Submissions, and Preview Form Data

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Important Note: ServiceForms is now ServiceTrade InspectionManager. InspectionManager retains all of the inspection automation benefits of its predecessor but with some important additions. To read more about this exciting change, read more here.


Sometimes it may be necessary to edit part of a submission or resend a submission to one or more of its destinations. This article will walk you through those processes. 


How to Edit Submission Data

  1. First, after logging in to your Device Magic Management Console, click the Forms tab in the action bar on the left.RS1.png

  2. Locate the form with a submission you would like to edit or resend, either by scrolling through the Forms list or using the search bar.
  3. Once you have located the form, click its name if you wish to see the form’s summary and list of destinations, or click the number under Submissions if you wish to go directly to the submissions list.RS2.png

  4. Depending on the form, the submission list can be quite large. You can add search filters to help you more easily track down the desired submission.
  5. Select the type of filter and add the relevant keyword (in this example, the job number in ServiceTrade.)
  6. Click the plus button to add the search filter.

  7. When you have located the desired submission, scroll all the way to the right, and you will see four icons.RS4.png


  8. To edit the submission, click the pencil icon.
  9. Once you have made any desired changes, click the green Save button, or the red Cancel button, if you do not wish to make any edits.RS6.png

Note: Any edits made this way will only initially be reflected within the Management Console (and the Device Magic database). If you want the edits reflected at any of the form’s destinations, you must resend the submission after making your changes.


How to Resend Submissions

  1. Click the arrow icon next to where you went to edit the submission.
  2. From the menu that appears, check the boxes next to the destinations to which you wish to resend the submission.
  3. Then click Resend.RS7.png

Depending on the amount of data in the chosen submission, it may take some time for the submission to arrive at its destinations.


How To Resend Multiple Submissions

You can resend multiple submissions simultaneously.

  1. Check the boxes next to each submission and click the green Bulk Actions button.
  2. Click the Resend Selected button.
    • This will open the same pop-up menu to choose the destinations you wish to resend those submissions to.RS8.png

How to Preview/Download Your PDF Form with Real Data

Forms with an active PDF Destination can be previewed within your Device Magic Database.

To view a preview of a submission:

  1. Scroll to the right in your Device Magic Database.
  2. Click on the Page Icon in the submission's row you want to preview.
  3. A window will pop up with a list of all PDF destinations linked to the particular form.
  4. Click on the destination you would like to preview.
  5. Once selected, the preview will load in your browser.
    • Keep in mind that the load time will depend on the template and the amount of data to render.
  6. Once the preview loads, you can download the PDF by clicking the downward arrow in the upper right-hand corner.

Note: Preview is only available for forms with a PDF Destination. If there are no PDF Destinations set up for the form, your Preview Destination pop-up window will not show any available destinations.


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