How to Change Time Zones

Matisse van Rossum
Matisse van Rossum
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This article will walk you through the steps to change your time zone in the Device Magic Management Console. A great deal of data is timestamped in your Management Console, such as when forms are created and updated, when submissions are received, and when dispatches are sent. By default, your Management Console will be set to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Follow the steps below to change your time zone to reflect your location. 

After logging in to your Management Console, scroll down the action bar on the left hand side of the screen and expand the “Settings” dropdown menu. Then select “Personal Settings.”


Switch to the “Preferences” tab on that page.


From the dropdown menu, select the time zone that best reflects your local time. 



The page will automatically refresh and you should see a green banner at the top of your screen, indicating that your time zone has been updated.


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