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Important Note: ServiceForms is now ServiceTrade InspectionManager. InspectionManager retains all of the inspection automation benefits of its predecessor but with some important additions. To read more about this exciting change, read more here.


This article will provide a brief overview of the different parts of the Device Magic Management Console. You can login to your organization’s management console by visiting after you have been added as a user by an account Owner or Admin. 


After logging in, you will see your organization’s Home page. From this page, you can see information such as:

  • Devices (1): the total number of devices in your organization.
  • Forms (2): the total number of forms your organization has.
  • Organization Key (3) 
  • Submission History (4): which can be filtered by forms or devices. 
  • Invite Device (5): From the Home page, you can also invite new devices to your organization, which requires your Organization Key. 

MCO1 (1).png

Forms List

The Forms tab shows a complete list of all the forms in your organization. For each form, you can see:

  •  the total number of times that form has been submitted (1),
  •  how many destinations that form has (2),
  •  when it was last updated (3),
  •  and what Group it is a part of (4). 

You can also search for a specific form or forms (5) or manually create a new form (6).

Note: if you need to create a new form, we recommend using the automatic form setup instead of the manual form setup.


Form Detail Page

Clicking on one of the forms in this list will show specific information regarding that form, including:

  • its creation and last updated date (1),
  • its various destinations (2),
  • a button to add new destinations (3),
  • and its submission history (4). 

Clicking “Edit Form” (5) will open the Form Builder.


Form Builder

In the Form Builder, you will see:

  • the fields that currently exist on the form (1), 
  • the different types of form fields that can be added to the form using drag-and-drop functionality (2),
  • the properties of any field you click on (3), 
  • and a place to preview what the form will look like on a device (4). 

To exit the Form Builder, click “Save & Close” (5) in the top right corner of the screen (or select “Close without Saving” from the dropdown menu).


Devices List

The Devices tab will show a complete list of all the devices currently being used in your organization. This page displays: 

  • the date each device joined your organization (1), 
  • what type of device it is (2), 
  • its access type (3), 
  • and a place to search for a specific device (4). 

It also displays your Organization Key (5), which is used to invite new devices (6).


Device Details Page

Clicking on a specific device will open that device’s details page, which includes:

  • the Device ID (1); 
  • the user who owns the device (2); 
  • the device model, OS version, and app version (3); 
  • and the device’s recent activity (4).



The Resources tab displays a complete list of the resources in your organization that can be referenced by forms. There is a place to search for specific resources (1) and to add new resources (2).



The Dispatches tab displays a complete list of dispatches that have been sent to devices in your organization. Dispatches will only appear in this list until those dispatched forms have been submitted. Each dispatch includes: 

  • the name of the form that has been dispatched (1), 
  • the title of the dispatch (2) (usually the job that is associated with the dispatch in ServiceTrade), 
  • which device the form was dispatched to (3), 
  • and when the dispatch was sent (4). 

You can also search for a specific dispatch (5) or manually dispatch a form to a device if necessary (6).



The Groups tab displays a list of your organization’s visibility groups. Groups control which users can see which forms in the Forms tab on their Device Magic Mobiles Forms app (in case they need to access a form without a dispatch). The Groups tab shows: 

  • how many forms are in each group (1) 
  • and how many devices are assigned to each group (2). 

You can search for a specific group (3) or create new groups (4).



The Settings tab contains a dropdown list of the different types of settings you can manage. 

  • The Organization Settings (1) give you access to options such as managing your stored files and forcing two factor authentication for your users. 
  • The Billing Settings (2) show information about your Device Magic subscription. 
  • The Personal Settings (3) help you manage your user details and personal preferences. 
  • Manage Users and Rolls (4) is an admin-only option that allows you to add new users to your organization and manage the roles of existing users. 


For more on the Device Magic Management Console, explore our collection of articles.

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