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Outside of the Help Center, documentation, in-app tips, in-app chat, and technical support via email or phone, ServiceTrade Support offers a range of billable-by-the-hour services. Utilize our team's experience to cut down on data entry, to free up your office staff, and to save you time and money.


Free Training

ServiceTrade Certifications
These free certification courses help educate your staff to operate efficiently and always provide outstanding customer service.  More info here.

Remote Training

New Staff Training

If you just hired a new staff member and want the ServiceTrade experts to help get them going, we are here to help!  This two-hour training session shows your newest staff member all the basics of how to operate in ServiceTrade. Contact your Account Manager to learn more.

New Tech Training

You've got a lot to do when you hire a new technician.  Let us help handle the burden of teaching them how to use the ServiceTrade mobile and tablet apps.  We'll walk them through how to find jobs, complete all the work, and communicate everything back to the office. This two-hour training session shows your technicians all the basics of how to use the ServiceTrade Mobile App. Contact your Account Manager to learn more.

Refresher Office Training

ServiceTrade can be a big change for your office.  After getting used to the system, you might feel like you aren't fully utilizing all ServiceTrade offers.  We can help develop a custom refresher training plan that shows your staff the most efficient ways to use ServiceTrade, including more advanced features that they may not be fully comfortable with using.  Additionally, we're always releasing new features, so having an expert show you what new things are possible with ServiceTrade can be helpful.

This is typically a two-hour training session. Contact your Account Manager to learn more.

In-Person Training

This on-site, in-person training is a two-day training course where one of our ServiceTrade experts will travel to your office to teach staff. This training can be built to meet most of your needs. Contact your Account Manager to learn more.

Interested in Pricing, Upgrading, or Additional Products

If you are interested in pricing, upgrading, or additional products check out our website:

You can also contact your Account Manager.

Data Work and Additional Setup

Additional Data Setup

Sometimes you need work done that your office staff could do, but the ServiceTrade Support Team can do much faster.  We're happy to help you more efficiently complete bulk data tasks, or take care of data projects that are just beyond the skill-set of your staff.  We can help you with:

PDFs (Blank Paperwork):

  • Create fillable and pre-populating PDF forms from scans, drawings, Word docs, etc.

  • Make existing PDF forms fillable and program them to pre-populate with information from ServiceTrade (such as location, job id#, techs, asset information, etc).

  • Make existing PDF forms repeat if there are multiple services or assets (automatic page count).

    Bulk Data Changes:


  • Associate asset parents

  • Create assets from PDF forms

  • Delete assets

  • Update asset information


  • Bulk create companies (without locations)

  • Bulk delete companies

  • Bulk update company info


  • Create contacts

  • Delete contacts

  • Update contacts


  • Create contracts

  • Update contracts

  • Export contract unit pricing


  • Bulk add job items

  • Bulk complete or cancel jobs


  • Change office assignments

  • Bulk delete locations

  • Bulk update location info

  • Bulk update location coordinates

  • Bulk delete assets


  • Bulk add item payloads to services

  • Bulk update recurring services

  • Swap preferred tech (1 for 1)

  • Bulk update one-time services

  • Bulk update recurring services

Service Templates

  • Add service template items

  • Bulk apply service templates

  • Bulk create service templates

  • Bulk create service template items


  • Bulk create tags


  • Bulk assign roles to users

  • Bulk create users

  • Bulk export users

  • Bulk export users with role information

  • Bulk update users


  • Mass change comment visibilities

  • Bulk create/import comments

  • Bulk create/import invoices

  • Bulk create/import external ids

  • Bulk update deficiency info

  • Bulk update item info

  • Bulk update quote info


Website Reputation Services

ServiceTrade is intensely focused on enhancing your engagement with your customers.  Your website is a major part of your identity, and it can and should be an important part of the overall experience you provide to your customer.

We can help modernize your website and include dynamic search-engine-optimized content powered by ServiceTrade.  These services are custom quoted, so please contact us if you want a responsive, modern, informative website that is powered in part by the work you are already doing inside of ServiceTrade.

Toolbox Tools

Need tools your company can use to perform certain bulk actions that aren't available in ServiceTrade? We provide Premium customers with ad-hoc tools that they can purchase access to. Enterprise customers can contact their Account Manager to have ad-hoc tools unlocked. To learn more about what tools are available and purchasing tools, contact your Technical Account Manager or your Account Manager. 

If you are looking for support articles for Toolbox, we provide instructions on the tool within Toolbox (see image below.) We do not have support articles available in our help center. If you need additional help using a tool that you already have access to, contact our Support Team



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