Bulk Importing for Origin-Based Sales Tax States

Adam Graetz
Adam Graetz
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This article is specifically for customers in origin-based sales tax states and will walk users through how to edit the .csv file from Avalara to create one single tax group based on where your business is located.

The video at the bottom of the page demonstrates the following steps in detail. Below are also before editing and after editing screenshots of a sample .CSV file. 

  1. Open the .CSV file downloaded from Avalara with your state information.
    IMPORTANT: We recommend double-checking the Avalara export to ensure that it covers all zip codes for your service area.
  2. Find the zip code for your place of business. (84107 in the video.)
  3. Copy the estimated combined tax rate for that zip code. (Column E, 0.0745 in the video)
  4. Paste that rate in Column E for every row in the file.
  5. Change Column C for all rows to the name you would like to use for your Tax Group Code and Tax Group Name for the sales tax group in ServiceTrade.
    • We recommend your state name in all capital letters. ('UTAH' in the video example.)

Once you have completed these steps, you can save the .CSV file and import it using the bulk importer in ServiceTrade. For more information, see this article detailing Bulk importing for Sales Tax Groups. 


CSV File Examples

Before Editing

This is an example of the CSV file you will download from Avalara.

Columns C and E will require edits.



After Editing

This shows the CSV file after making the necessary edits for a business with its office in the 84107 zip code in Utah, an origin-based sales tax state.  The estimated combined sales tax of 84107 is 7.45% or .0745.



Video Walkthrough

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