Using Multiple Office Search in Lists

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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ServiceTrade supports searching any of our list pages using multiple offices in your search.

Current pages that support this functionality:

To search a list using multiple offices, simply visit the desired list page and select the name or begin typing the office you wish to use. 


Example: If you wanted to search all Jobs associated with your Durham Office and also your Charleston Office, then you would select those two entities from the job office drop-down.

After selecting your desired offices (and any other search criteria you wish to use), click the blue "Search" button. Your results will include only those entities associated with one or more of your selected offices.

Note: Previous versions of the office search function have allowed users to use a partial match on the office name to provide results. If you have a saved or bookmarked search that used only part of an office's name, that search will need to be updated to use the full name of the office using the drop-down menu as described above.

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