Search Lists for Multiple Offices (June 29, 2021)

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Search Lists for Multiple Offices

With this release, it is now possible to search most lists in the web application for multiple offices in one single search.   Previously, you could only search lists by one office at a time.

To search a list for multiple offices, simply click into the relevant office field's dropdown menu on any office, then click on each office that you want to select.  For instance, a search for jobs at locations assigned to both the Charleston and Durham offices would look like this:



IMPORTANT:  Previous versions of the office search function on some lists allowed users to use a partial match on the office name to provide results. If you have a saved or bookmarked search that used only part of an office's name, that search will need to be updated to use the full name of the office using the drop down menu as described above.

Please see this support article for more information about searching lists by office assignment.


Net 7 Payment Terms

This release also includes a new payment terms option for use on contracts and invoices: Net 7 payment terms.  


To learn more about how to configure your account's default list of payment terms, and how to assign payment terms to your contracts and invoices, please see this support article.



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