Creating a Custom Contacts Export from QuickBooks Desktop

Adam Gurley
Adam Gurley

After exporting your Customer data from QuickBooks Desktop to be imported into ServiceTrade, you may notice that your export only contains a single row of Ship-To information for each customer. Assuming that you are storing this Ship-To data in QuickBooks as contacts, you might need to create a custom contacts export to obtain the rest of your Ship-To information.


1. Go to the Reports tab, select Customers & Receivables, and search on contact. In the results you should see "Customer Contact List". Double Click on this to open the report.   

2) **Important** Click on Customize Report and check off all of the boxes presented.

3. You should now see the contact information for the selected customer, which includes all of their shipping addresses. Navigate to the drop down arrow next to Excel, select Create New Worksheet, and click the Export button. 

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