Add Multiple Deficiencies to a Quote; Additional Charges on Service Contracts (August 2, 2021)

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Add Multiple Deficiencies to a Quote

One of ServiceTrade's key features is the ability to turn the deficiencies that your technicians discover into quotes that your customers can review and approve online.  However, that workflow was difficult to use at high scale, because each deficiency needed to be individually added to a quote.

Today's release includes the ability to select an entire list of deficiencies and add them to the quote in a batch.  To make use of this feature, simply select the 'Select multiple deficiencies' option when adding existing deficiencies to a quote:



...and then select the deficiencies that you wish to add to this quote and click Save:


Each selected deficiency will be used to create a corresponding repair service on the quote.  You may optionally select a due date for each of the selected deficiency repairs.  Each deficiency's proposed solution will be used for the corresponding service description; for deficiencies with no proposed solution, the deficiency's description will be used instead. 

IMPORTANT: Services created in this way will not be assigned preferred technicians, expected durations, or expected prices, and services templates cannot be used.  To make use of those features, you will need to create each deficiency repair service individually.


Additional Charges on Service Contracts

ServiceTrade's service contracts feature supports several different pricing features, including the ability to add minimum charges and administrative charges to each invoice generated with a given contract.

While administrative charges are useful, they have a few limitations:  you cannot control the name of the invoice item that the end-customer sees (its name is always simply 'Administrative charge'), and you can only add one administrative charge to each invoice.

To address those limitations, this release includes the ability to add additional charge items to your contracts.  Any item in your item list can be used as an additional charge, and you can add as many additional charges as you want to a contract. 

For instance, if you wish to itemize an EPA disposal charge and a trip charge on each invoice for a customer, you could add both those items to the contract as additional charges.  On the customer's contract, open the contract rules section of the contract page:


...and then add the desired additional charges, then click 'Save Contract Rules':


All additional charge items assigned to a contract will be added to each invoice generated for that contract:


IMPORTANT:  Like minimum charges and admin charges, additional charges are never associated with a service on the invoice.  


Other Changes

  • It is now possible to search the job item list for job items created in a given date range:

  • The calendar links in the end-customer-facing Service Link email are now more prominent:

  • The ServiceTrade API's embedded deficiency object now includes the deficiency's description.
  • Bugfix: images can no longer be dragged/dropped into quote and job descriptions.

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