Exporting AR Invoice Data using ServiceTrade Accounting Connector

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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Important Note: The ServiceTrade Accounting Connector (STAC) requires a Premium or Enterprise ServiceTrade Subscription and is a paid add-on. Please contact your ServiceTrade Salesperson or your Account Manager if you want to learn more about STAC.


This article will walk you through the process of exporting a .txt file containing the ServiceTrade AR Invoices.

Before Exporting Service Trade Invoices

  • Invoice Status must be ‘OK
  • Invoice “Start Date” and Invoice “End Date” are based on the invoice Created Datemceclip0.png

Exporting ServiceTrade AR Invoices

  1. Log into ServiceTrade Accounting Connector
  2. Select “AR Invoice Import w/ Reverse Output”  
  3. Select Invoice Start and End Date
  4. Click Apply Connection
  5. Recipe will produce 3 files [reversal, st-updater,ar-invoice-import]
    • Save the Download Exports in a secure location

Note: Date/Time stamp Format “import- yyyymmdd-HHmmss.txt” for easy tracking on data import 

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