API improvements to support Sales Tax Groups on Items and Invoice Tags (September 08, 2021)

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Sales Tax Groups provide ServiceTrade customers with the ability to individually manage sales tax rates, and move away from centrally managed tax rates. A sales tax group is a geographic area that is covered by a certain set of sales tax jurisdictions, and has a certain combined sales tax rate as a result. For more information on Sales Tax Groups please refer to the sales tax tables documentation..


API Improvements 

With today's release, the following API improvements are included: 


Sales Tax Groups on Items 

The below API changes related to Invoice Items will now enable you to share relevant tax group information between ServiceTrade and your accounting system.

  • The invoice item endpoint GET now includes an embedded taxGroup object in its response
  • The Invoice Item endpoint POST/PUT now supports an optional taxGroupid param 
  • On PUT, null indicates that the sales tax group is removed 

For more information, see the invoice item API documentation.


Invoice Tags 

The Invoice endpoint now returns the list of tags associated with an invoice in GET response.

  • Responses to GET /api/invoice?params= and GET /api/invoice/123 now includes and array of tags in each returned invoice object          

NOTE:  Only users who are allowed to view tags can see the members of this array.  Users without that permission always see an empty array

For more information, see the invoice API documentation.

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