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Exporting and Importing AR Invoices from STAC into Sage 300 CRE

Adam Gurley
Adam Gurley
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Importing AR Invoices into Sage 300

Video Walkthrough

1. Login to the Sage 300 CRE Company for which you want to import records.

2. From Sage 300 CRE Desktop. 

  • Open Account Receivable. 
  • Tools > “Import AR Invoice”.


3. Click the...” on the Import file line:

4. Browse to the location of your saved AR Import .txt file.

5. Select the location of ARREJECT.TXT file

6. Click “Start” 

7. Verify the AR Import File Imported correctly. 

  • Click Inquiry>Entries>Transactions>New File>Active mceclip1.png


Note: The ServiceTrade Invoice Date is assigned as the Accounting Date for the AR Invoice Import

8. To verify that your import moved data successfully, add any of the following columns to your transactions and verify ServiceTrade Invoice Data. 

      1. Accounting Date 09-08-2021
      2. **Invoice ST-10384714
      3. Sage Job 20-121
      4. Location (Extra) 100
      5. Cost Code Division 21-000 
      6. Credit Account 21-4003 

9. Once import data is verified click Tasks > Post Entries 


Note: ServiceTrade Invoices are imported into Sage 300 CRE with a “ST” before the invoice number. This invoice numbering sequence is independent of the AR invoice number sequence in Sage 300 CRE AR settings

Video Walkthrough

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