Exporting and Importing Direct Project Cost from STAC into Sage 300 CRE

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Exporting Direct Cost from ServiceTrade

Importing Direct Cost into Sage 300

Before exporting ServiceTrade Direct Project Cost  

  1. ServiceTrade Job must be in a Status of ‘Completed’
  2. Direct Cost Job Item Source Warehouse and/or Reference #
  3. Export Method is either job number or date 
  4. Start Date and End Date are based on Job Completion Date 
  5. Accounting Date for Importing Transactions-Required  


Exporting ServiceTrade Project Cost

1. Log into ServiceTrade Accounting Connector click “Project Direct Cost Import”  

2. For Method, select Job OR Date Range 

3. Select Invoice Start and End Date


4. Enter the appropriate Accounting Date to be assigned to Project Direct Cost Export

5. Apply Connection

6. Save the Download Exports in a secure location


Note: Date\Time stamp Format “import- yyyymmdd-HHmmss.txt” for easy tracking on data import 


Importing Direct Cost into Sage 300

1. Login to Sage 300 CRE Company for which you want to import records

2. Click Tools > Import > Direct Cost 

3. Click the...” on the Import file line:

4. Browse to location of saved “direct-cost- Import 07272021.txt” file.

5. Select the location of “JCREJECT.TXT file”

6. Select “Start” 

7. Open Job Cost. 

8. Verify the Project Direct Cost Import File Imported correctly by going to

9. Open Job Cost >Inquiry>Entries>Entries by Batch> Transactions >New File


10. To verify that your import moved data successfully, add any of the following columns to your transactions and verify ServiceTrade Invoice Data. 

  • Accounting Debit Account 21-5003
  • ST Job (User Def 1) 21850492 

Note: The ServiceTrade Direct Project Cost is the Accounting Date assigned during Export


11. Complete ‘company specific’ Data Verification (if applicable)

12. Tasks Post Entries 

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