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Exporting and Importing Purchase Orders from STAC into Sage 300 CRE

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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Importing Purchase Orders into Sage 300

Video Walkthrough

  1. Login to Sage 300 CRE Company for which you want to import records.
  2. Open Job Cost. 
  3. Click Tools > Import > Commitment  
  4. Click the...” on the Import file line:
  5. Browse to location of the saved PO Import txt.file.
  6. Select the location of “POREJECT.TXT file”
  7. Select “Start” 
  8. Verify the Purchase Order Import File Imported correctly by going to:
    1. Open Job Cost > Reports > Committed Cost > Purchase Order Document 
    2. Apply applicable report conditions to view Imported ServiceTrade Purchase Order 
  9. To verify that your import moved data successfully, add any of the following conditions to your report and verify ServiceTrade Purchase Order Data. 
    • Sage Job 20-121
  10. Second verification  is to Open Job Cost > Task > Commitments 
  11. Complete ‘company specific’ Data Verification (if applicable)

Note: Purchase Orders import is Not “Committed to Accounting” therefore another user (for example, someone in your Accounting department) to edit or approve the Purchase Order. 

Video Walkthrough

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