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Derek Torres
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Important Note: The ServiceTrade Accounting Connector (STAC) requires a Premium or Enterprise ServiceTrade Subscription and is a paid add-on. Please contact your ServiceTrade Salesperson or your Account Manager if you want to learn more about STAC.


What versions of ComputerEase are supported?

ComputerEase versions 12.0 or above are supported.

What versions of Windows is required on my ComputerEase server?

Windows Server 2012 or above with PowerShell 3 or above.

Do we need FieldEase?

No, ServiceTrade and PartsLedger replace FieldEase and eliminate the need for job costing in ComputerEase.

How does ServiceTrade connect to ComputerEase?

  • When setting up the ComputerEase Connector, you will need to install the sync client on your ComputerEase server.
  • The sync client is a lightweight, Windows desktop application that establishes a secure network connection with ServiceTrade and PartsLedger, which keeps the data in ComputerEase in sync.
  • Typically, the sync client requires no special network firewall permissions, since the client only uses standard outbound TCP Port 443 which is commonly used for secure web access. In addition, no inbound connections are required.

What is required of the IT Team?

The only requirement is to download, install, and configure the sync client on your ComputerEase server.

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