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This article will walk you through the Settings Menu in Service Timecard and how to utilize the Settings to customize Service Timecard to your company's needs.

Before editing your Settings, please review the Four Part Video Series on using and managing Service Timecard.

Helper Technicians will have limited access to Service Timecard. They cannot enter Labor Items, Expense Codes, or use inline editing. However, an admin user can enter these onto the Helpers Timecard.

To navigate to your account settings click Settings. You will be directed to the Settings Menu, where you will see menu options allowing you to customize your Service Timecard Account settings. The following sections will explain how to use each menu setting.



  • You must have Service Timecard enabled for your Account. If you would like to use Service Timecard contact your Account Manager.
  • To access the Settings Menu you must be an Account Admin in ServiceTrade or have the Manage Timecard Settings enabled in the User Settings.


Additional Rows

This section allows you to create custom categories of time that would like your Techs to track. This is typically used for time recorded that is not directly tied to a Job or Location within ServiceTrade.

Examples: PTO, sick leave, lunch, administrative time, training, etc.



Calendar Start Day

This section allows you to change your Service Timecard's calendar start day. It is pre-set to Sunday.

To Change the Start Day

  1. Click the Change Start Day button.
  2. Select the new Calendar Start Day.
  3. Click the Close button.


Clock Event Types

This section allows you to select which Clock Event types you want on your Service Timecard.

Click to toggle Clock Event Types on or off. (on is blue, off is gray)



This section allows you to control whether or not you want comments available to Users when submitting Timecards.

Toggle Enabled ON to have comments available, and OFF to not have comments available.



Expense Codes

Allow you to view and create categorized expense codes that act as trackable non-labor items that your Tech can expense. There must be an Item in ServiceTrade with an Item Code that matches the Expense Code.

To Create an Expense Code

  1. On another tab, log into ServiceTrade at as an Admin User.
  2. In Service Timecard, navigate the Settings Menu.
  3. Click to expand Expense Codes.
  4. Enter a name for the expense code in the Row Name field.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Click the eye-shaped View button. This will take you to your Items List in ServiceTrade and search for an Item Code that matches your Expense Code.
    • If it locates a matching Item Code, you are almost there. Just make sure the Item's Type is set to "Other".
    • If it does not locate a matching Item Code, you must create a new Item in ServiceTrade with an Item Code that matches your Expense Code and the Item Type is set to "Other".

Click the trashcan-shaped delete button to delete an Expense Code.


Notification Emails

This section allows you to set up an email or multiple emails to receive notifications for all activity or at a particular Office.

Notifications will be for submitted timecards and change requests.


To add an Email Notification

  1. Click the Office drop-down menu.
  2. If you only want to receive notifications for Techs at a specific Office, select the relevant Office. 
    It is not required to enter an Office. Leaving this field blank indicates that you will receive notifications for Techs across all Offices.
  3. Enter the email you want to receive notification to in the Email field.
  4. Click Add.
    • If you need to remove a notification click the trashcan icon next to the relevant row.



External Systems

The External Systems Settings allows you to define the default External System for your Tech User and the Job External IDs for your Timecard Export.


  • User External - This drop-down allows you to select the external system ID for the Tech User.
  • Job External System - This drop-down allows you to select the external system ID for the Job.


Template Settings

The Template Settings allows you to export your data in reusable template formats to make it easy to import into your accounting system, or for general reporting needs. 

Click the following link to learn more about Creating and Managing Service Timecard Templates.


Type Settings

This section allows you to turn on or off Labor Items, Clock Events, and Expenses on your Timecard.


  • Enable
    • Toggling on will enable that type of item on your Timecard.
    • Toggling off will disable that type of item on your Timecard.
  • Submittable
    • Toggling on will allow that type of Item to be submitted.
    • Toggling off will disallow that type of Item from being submitted.
  • Allow Inline Editing
    • Toggling on will allow the user's with Manage All Timecards permissions in their User Settings or the Account Admin role in ServiceTrade to change labor items directly within Timecard.
    • Toggling of, users would have to change the labor items in ServiceTrade.


User Settings

This section is where you can update your User List and change your User's permissions in Service Timecard.

  • Clicking the Refresh from ServiceTrade button will automatically import Users from your ServiceTrade Account into Service Timecard. If you have recently added new Users and you do not see them in your Service Timecard User Settings, click this button to update your User Settings.
  • If the User is a Technician in ServiceTrade, there will be a checkmark next to the User's name under the Is Tech Column.
  • If the Users is a Helper Technician in ServiceTrade, there will be a checkmark next to the USer's name under the Is Helper column.
  • If you would like a User to have the permissions to manage all timecards, check the box next to the User's name under the Manage All Timecards column.
  • If you would like a User to have the permissions to manage all Service Timecard settings, check the box next to the User's name under the Manage Timecard Settings column.


Other Settings

Limit Technicians Shown By Office


Display Reports by Week

Toggling this on will display reports by week.


QuickBooks Settings

The Billable Time toggle allows you to export QuickBooks Desktop Grouping Templates with "billable" flags for customer who perform a lot of job costing and need that indicator in their exports.



Archive Settings

The Show Archived Settings toggle allows you to view or hide archived timecards.



Show On Break Time

This Show On Break Time toggle will turn on and off the visibility of the On Break clock events in your Summary view.


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