Overview of Service Granularity

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Service granular association provides ServiceTrade users a more effective and efficient way to associate important information such as Attachments, Comments, and other details to a specific Service.  

Service granular association capability allows you to track what happened at the individual Service level exactly. In other words, all the things that tell you what happened are now directly associated with the corresponding schedule of value.

This article covers everything you need to know regarding Service granular association capabilities.

Collapsing and Expanding of Service Information

  • Expand/Collapse Control: Expanding and collapsing of Services is done via the chevron control located on the right of each Service block.
    • mceclip8.png Chevron pointing to the left indicates collapsed state 
    • mceclip9.png  Chevron pointing to the bottom indicates an expanded state 


  • Expanded Service: When expanding the Service via the chevron control, you will see all Service-related information in view mode and quickly be able to navigate between General Information, Job Items, Attachments, and Comments.
  • Collapsed Service: When you do not need to see all the information specific to a Service, simply collapse the Service block via the chevron control. The collapsed state of a Service allows you to optimize how many Service blocks you can view simultaneously while providing you with the most crucial information about each Service.


Service Level Tabular view

Each Service now has a new tabular view, allowing you to quickly access all Service-related information in view mode and navigate between the General Information, Job Items, Attachments, and Comments tabs.


Tab Counter: A counter will communicate how many records are within the following tabs, eliminating unnecessary navigational mouse clicking in scenarios where no records are present. 

  • Parts | Labor | Items
  • Attachments
  • Comments


Important Notes

  • Group by Service under the Parts | Labor | Items Tab: For all adding, viewing, and editing scenarios of Job Items within the Parts | Labor | Items tab the Group by Service functionality is not available since all of the records are naturally only associated to the Service the user is viewing.
  • Automatic Association to a Service:  When adding new information within any of the tabs under a Service, it is automatically associated with that particular Service 
    • Note: For the below tabs the information added is also visible under the respective accordions within the Job page. 
      • Parts | Labor | Items
      • Attachments
      • Comments 

Video Walkthrough

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