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Laura Skidgel
Laura Skidgel
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What are Standard Forms? 

Standard Form Kits are ServiceTrade’s product offering which provides value to its customers, as a record of service, and a legal representation of work provided.  The forms set a level of compliance for reporting based on nationally recognized standards, to help our customers reduce their liability in reporting.

Standard Configurations

Standard Form Kits include configurations to each form:

  • Your logo and form name in the form header
  • Your contact information in the form footer

What is Included

Standard Form Kits includes seven components:

  • Mobile form for technicians built-in Device Magic;
  • PDF Report which is attached to the job in ServiceTrade when the technician submits the form.
  • ServiceForms Connector - The integration that automatically creates assets, updates assets, creates deficiencies, and attaches the paperwork to the job in ServiceTrade.
    Note: This is for un-grouped assets only. Grouped assets (Parent/Child Assets) require customization.
  • Onboarding with a ServiceForms Project Manager who will help with account setup, answering questions, and training you on the use of the Standard Form Kits.
  • Access to the Device Magic Management Console.
  • On-going support and dedicated support line - . 
  • Updates to Standard Forms editions as they are released by industry recognized authorities. If no customizations were made, updates to new editions will be made at no charge, as part of kit subscription.

Want to Know More?

Fire & Life Safety Customers

For more information on Standard Form Kits for Fire & Life Safety Customers, including a menu of available Standard Form Kits and example views, click here.  

Mechanical HVAC Customers

For more information on Standard Forms for Mechanical Customers, including a menu of available Standard Forms and a sample form, click here.

Still have questions?

If you would like to learn more about ServiceForms, contact your salesperson or account manager. 





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