Unit Conversions in PartsLedger

Brittany Lynch
Brittany Lynch
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Within PartsLedger, parts can be purchased in a variety of different units of measurement or UOM. When an item is sold via an item being added to a ServiceTrade job as a Job Item, ServiceTrade can only sell items as a singular UOM: EA (or Each). The following steps below will walk you through how to set pre-existing and new items to be automatically converted to the UOM that ServiceTrade accepts.

Procedure (Pre-Existing and New Parts)

    1. Log into ledger.partsledger.io with your PartLedger credentials
    2. Go to Products > Units of Measure
    3. You will need to add a Conversion Factor to convert one UOM to EA
      1. For example: PK25 would equal 25 EA. This is because you are buying a pack of 25 of an item therefore it would 25 EAs
    4. Go to Products > List Products or Products > List Inventoried Products
    5. Click the View button on the right side of the item
    6. Scroll down to the Trading Information and click the Auto convert product from receiving unit into stocking upon receiving” checkbox
  • Note: This checkbox is what will cause an item with a UOM of PK25 to convert to 25 EA upon receipt so that it can be accepted by ServiceTrade and not cause any errors
  1. Click the orange Update Product button once complete

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