Custom Descriptions for Quote Items; Additional File Extension Support (December 1, 2021)

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Custom Descriptions for Quote Items 

One of ServiceTrade users' most frequent requests is for the ability to provide a custom description for line items.  Recently we added the ability to edit the descriptions of individual invoice items and individual job items. With today's release, it is now possible to edit the description of any quote item as well.


To change a quote item's description, simply click the gray pencil icon to the right of the item selector:


Then, in the custom item description field that appears, enter the desired custom description for your quote item:


...then click Save to save your changes to all the quote items. The customized quote item description now appears:




The custom description is also shown when your customer reviews an quote that you sent them via email:


When editing a quote, if you wish to discard a custom description, simply click the blue revert icon to undo your description and return the item to its original description:




Additional File Extension support 

With today's release we have added two additional file extension as support file types that can now be uploaded to ServiceTrade. Those file types are:

  • .PRN - Printer File (Print to File) 
  • .MIC - Generated out of Edwards EST3

Note: For our complete list of supported file types please refer to our Supported Files article. 

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