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For more information about Standard Form Kits in general, please review ServiceForms Standard Form Kits - Introduction and FAQs. 

Overview - HVAC/Mechanical Standard Form Kits

ServiceForms Standard Form Kits for HVAC/Mechanical Customers include the following components.

Form Header


  • Configured with your logo
  • Includes the name of the form (which can be configured)
  • Appears on every page of the PDF output

Customer and Job Information


  • Technician and license number are set to pull directly from the ServiceTrade user profile 
  • License numbers can be put in the “User Details” section of the user profile in ServiceTrade
  • Frequency (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.) will only appear on Standard Form Kits when applicable

Asset Information


Each Standard Form Kit is built around one specific asset type. For example, the “Exhaust Fan Preventative Maintenance Checklist” uses the ‘exhaust_fan’ asset.  Each Standard Form Kit comes with a set list of asset related fields on the form, usually in line with the image above.

Task List


The Task List section includes asset-specific action items for the technician to complete. The technician can input "Yes"/"No"/"NA" and make notes in the "Comments" field associated with each task.



Technicians record deficiencies at the bottom of the mobile form. Deficiencies appear on the PDF output and automatically populate in your ServiceTrade account. 



The Technician can input any general comments related to the job/work order here. These will appear on the PDF output, but will not be automatically created in the customer's ServiceTrade account as part of Standard Form Kit implementation.



This section closes out the technician’s work on the form, and includes the fields above. The Date and Time complete question is time stamped when the technician answers the question, regardless of what the technician fills out as the answer.  

Form Footer


Your contact information (and page numbers if needed) are included in the footer on the Standard Form Kit.


List of Available Mechanical Standard Form Kits

Below is a list of available HVAC/Mechanical Standard Form Kits based on asset type. For samples of specific kits, select the link for the specific kit below. If you need a form that is not included in this list, contact your sales person or ServiceTrade Account Manager. 


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