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Azuga Fleet + ServiceTrade Integration Setup Instructions

Note: ServiceTrade does not provide support for Azuga's Integration. You can reach Azuga's support team at (866) 939-3002 or email
The integration between Azuga & ServiceTrade provides users with automated workflows as part of data exchange between Azuga & ServiceTrade.

Azuga also fetches/receives the following objects from ServiceTrade in real-time:

  • Admins & Technicians
  • Jobs
  • Appointments within jobs
  • Locations
  • Offices

Integration Capabilities

 For each appointment, Azuga creates a geofence around the appointment location and names it based on Location Name, Job ID, and Appointment ID. Example Below: mceclip0.png

  • When a Technician switches the status on the ServiceTrade app to “En-route”, Azuga automatically sends ServiceTrade’s Service Link to the appointment/job’s primary contact.
  • The email contains “Click this link to track technician’s current location”, allowing end-user to view real time vehicle location + ETA to the job.

Administrative Setup Instructions


  • Driver (Azuga) and Technician (ST) emails MUST be the same
  • Drivers must be assigned to corresponding vehicles.
    • If techs change vehicles regularly, reach out to Azuga Support. They have multiple options for ensuring pairing is accurate.
  • In ServiceTrade, an Azuga specific admin user with the assigned role of “Account Admin” must be created. The credentials must be shared with Azuga.
    • The Full Name (not username) of the user is displayed as sending the ServiceLink email.

Integration setup

  • email username and password to (temporary process).
  • Confirm that you want Service Link emails sent automatically
  • Confirm you want Clock events to be created via the integration.
  • In order for the Service Link to be automatically sent when Tech presses “En Route Clock In”, the Customer Location must contain a valid email address.
  • For Chrome extension, Azuga API key needs to be keyed into ServiceTrade map Dashboard.

Note: Technicians MUST refresh ServiceTrade’s mobile app in order to accurately reflect the automated status updates. Simply pull down on the screen when they arrive onsite (screenshot).

This syncs ServiceTrade web and mobile:

  • En Route Clock In > En Route Clock Out
  • Onsite Clock In

Customers that DO NOT want Azuga to automatically update Clock In events can request this functionality to be disabled.

  • If arrival time is greater than 30 minutes, Clock In/Out events will not be successful.

Google Chrome Extension

 Azuga offers a Google Chrome extension that allows ServiceTrade users to view a combined view of ServiceTrade jobs and Azuga vehicles on the same page.mceclip5.png


Note: ServiceTrade does not provide support for Azuga's Integration. You can reach Azuga's support team at (866) 939-3002 or email

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