Creating and Sending an Invoice from the Mobile App

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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This article walks technicians through sending an invoice in the field from the ServiceTrade mobile app. The steps are as follows, and each is discussed below:

  • Generate an Invoice from the Job Page
  • View the Invoice
  • Send the Invoice

Technicians can also void invoices from the mobile app from the View Invoice page which is discussed below. 

Note: Technicians must have the Account Tech + Invoice role (in addition to the default Account Tech role) in order to perform mobile invoicing in the field within the native mobile app (Android and iOS). If you do not have permission, contact one of your account's admin users. 

Generate an Invoice from the Job Page

Important Note: Generating an Invoice before or during the process of creating a Work Acknowledgement will change the format of the Work Acknowledgement based on the "Detail Level for Customer" option selected, which may reveal pricing or item information.

  1. From the Job Page, navigate to the bottom of the page to find the quick action button called "Generate Invoice."
  2. Click the Generate Invoice action button, and the app will navigate you to the Invoice page, where you will see the following fields for your input:
    • Contract: Search, select, or confirm the contract template you will use.
    • Group By Service: Group line items by their Service association.
    • Detail Level for Customer: Select from available templates that define the structure and information in the invoice.
    • Include Sales Tax: Select from a predefined list of tax rates or input a custom tax rate.
      Note: If you have a Location Tax Group assigned to a service location, the only sales tax options will be the selected Location Tax Group and the Other option.
    • Invoice Items: View, modify, and/or add new invoice items.
    • Notes: Add general notes that will appear on the invoice sent to the customer
      Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 2.44.16 PM.png
      For more detail on the purpose of each field and to ensure proper setup, click here.
  3. After inputting all of the necessary information, click the "Finalize Invoice" link at the top of the page.
    Clicking Finalize Invoice will generate the invoice for you to view and send. You will see the below pop-up indicating that the invoice has been generated successfully.

Viewing the Invoice 

Once you have generated the final invoice, you must view the invoice to send it.

  1. To view an invoice simply navigate to the bottom of the job page and click on the View Invoice action button.
    From the View Invoice page, you can either void the invoice or send the invoice. 

Voiding an Invoice

  1. If the invoice needs to be voided, simply tap "Void Invoice" from the bottom of the view screen.

A "Void Invoice" message will appear to ask for verification that you want to void this invoice. Click "Void" to void the invoice, or click "Cancel" to go back to the invoice page.

Sending an Invoice 

  1. From the View Invoice page, you can confirm the details of the invoice you generated, and send the invoice by clicking the "Send Invoice" action button.
  2. From here you can select which contact(s) associated with the job's location that you would like to send the invoice to.
  3. Select your preferred contact(s) by clicking the circle to the left of the contact's name. When selected, the circle will show a blue checkmark.
  4. Once you have selected your preferred contact(s), click the "Send" Action Button on the top right.
  1. A "Send Invoice" message will appear to ask for verification that you want to send this invoice to the selected contact(s).
  2. Click "Send" to send the invoice, or click "Cancel" to go back to the invoice page.

Once you click send, you are done sending an invoice in the field from the ServiceTrade mobile app. 


For information on best practices when implementing field invoicing from the ServiceTrade mobile app, click here

Contact for additional support. 




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