Manage Delinquent Customers with On Hold Status (January 27, 2022)

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Many ServiceTrade users find that the status of their customers is a critical piece of information needed to run their service business effectively. 

For instance, if a customer account has not paid their outstanding invoices or has an outstanding legal dispute, that information should be easily visible to everyone in the service organization. This change will help ensure that quotes are not submitted and jobs are not performed until the outstanding issue is resolved.

What's New?

This release includes two new features to enable ServiceTrade users to see and manage the status of their customers more effectively:

  1. The Addition of an On Hold Customer Status
  2. Increased Visibility of Non-active Customer Statuses

On Hold Customer Status

There is now a new 'On Hold' customer status available for use in ServiceTrade. This status is in addition to the existing Active, Inactive, and Pending customer statuses. 


Increase Visibility of Non-active Customer Statuses

There is now increased visibility of non-active customer statuses in ServiceTrade workflows. For customers in Inactive, Pending, or On Hold states, a badge will display to the right of the customer's name for all of that customer's jobs, invoices, quotes, locations, and assets. 


On Hold and Inactive Customer Warning Messages

A warning will also be shown whenever a ServiceTrade user attempts to perform any of the following actions for a location whose parent customers are 'On Hold':

  • Create a job
    • You will not get this warning on the Service Opportunities page.
  • Complete a job
  • Invoice a job
  • Send a Service Link for a job
  • Send an Invoice Link for an invoice
  • Send an invoice to your accounting system
  • Create a quote
  • Send a quote to a customer for approval
  • Approve a quote on a customer's behalf
  • Create a job from an approved quote

Example of a warning message for an 'on hold' customer:


Note: In an upcoming release of the ServiceTrade technician mobile applications, this warning will also be shown to technicians. This will allow the technicians to respond in real-time if they are scheduled to do work for a customer who has recently been put 'on hold' or made 'inactive.'

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