Timecard Quick Search & Rendering Updates (02/11/22)

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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What's New?

This release includes three new features for Service Timecard that will improve and streamline users' workflows.

  1. New Search Feature
  2. "Add Comment" and "Approve" Button is Separate
  3. "Approve" and "Request Change" Action Changes On-screen Automatically

New Search Feature

  • This update allows admin users to search timecards by name using a new search feature.
  • This will improve the workflow of users managing multiple technicians.

"Add Comment" and "Approve" Button is Separate

  • We separated the "Request Change" Button and the "Add comment" button.
  • This will give the admins the ability to add a comment to the timecard without needing to request a change.

"Approve" and "Request Change" Action Changes On-screen Automatically

  • When Approving or Requesting a change on one or multiple timecards, you no longer need to refresh the page to see the changes on the screen. The changes will happen automatically.
  • If you click the "Approve/Request Change" button the timecard will show that it's been approved or that changes have been requested.



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