Recent Changes for Record IDs - Important Information for ServiceTrade Customers

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This article details the ways in which ServiceTrade Record IDs have recently changed.

The way Record IDs in ServiceTrade are generated has changed.  As a result of this change, Record IDs will change from 32-bit integers to 64-bit integers.

Note: Record IDs for existing records WILL NOT change. This change applies only to new records created after March 21, 2022. Our staggered rollout plan will update the Record ID format of specific record types (Jobs, Locations, etc.) over a period of weeks starting on March 21, 2022.

What is a Record ID?

A typical Job page web address in ServiceTrade today might be something like:, where ‘14423412’ is the Record ID of the Job being viewed. 


 After these changes are made, the web address for a newly created Job will be something like this:, where '342342158144234' is the Record ID.


Who Will Be Impacted?

This update will affect two groups of ServiceTrade users - Mobile App users and Accounts using exports and integrations. 

All Mobile App Users - What this means for you

It is best practice for all Mobile App users to update to the latest version of the Mobile App when it is released. All iOS and Android app users need to update to the latest version (currently 3.2.6) by March 21, 2022, though the consequences of not updating are different for Apple and Android users.

Apple users

All users will receive an error message at login if they are not running version 3.2.6 or later.
Below is a list of known iOS errors.

  • The most typical error iOS users who haven't updated will get is the following error.
  • The user might get a timeout error. In this case, if the user restarts the app, or logs out and logs back in, they get the first error.
  • If the user had started their work (ex: already in a Job and clocked in) the app might simply crash and kick the user out of the app (No error just crash.) When the user restarts the app, they most likely will then see the original error.

  • The user goes to view a Deficiency on a Job and sees a blank screen as if the Deficiency is blank.

Android users

Users that are assigned to custom roles in ServiceTrade may receive an error message at the time of login if they have not updated to version 3.2.6 or later. Below is the known Android Users error.

  • After attempting to log in, a user sees the following error message:

For more information on how to confirm you are running the latest version of the ServiceTrade mobile app, and how to update the app if needed, please visit this article about updating our Mobile Apps


Customers with Integrations - What this means for you

Users do not typically use these Record IDs directly when using ServiceTrade's applications, but those  Record IDs are visible in exports and in the web addresses of many ServiceTrade pages. This means that while these changes should not affect normal users' daily operations, they may affect third-party integrations or other custom applications that you may have built using ServiceTrade's APIs, data exports, and data warehouse. 

If your Company has developed such integrations, you should check to confirm that those integrations can support Record IDs with a 'bigint' datatype (an integer with a binary length of up to 64 bits). 

Note: The most likely point of failure will be if your integration stores ServiceTrade Record IDs in a database that has strict data type/size requirements.

Visit this Article for more information on:

  1. A list of integrations that ServiceTrade has tested and confirmed will work with updated Record IDs.
  2. Learning how to test your integration using our sandbox environment.


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