Merge Contacts; Show partially paid amount on Invoice Link (February 16, 2022)

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Merge Contacts

The ability to merge duplicate contacts has been a frequently requested function that today's release brings to ServiceTrade. It is now possible to take two contacts that are duplicated and merge them into one, to ensure that there is accurate record-keeping of contact information. 

NOTE: In order to access the merge contacts capability a user must be granted the Edit Contacts role.


Merging duplicate contacts:

1. Locate/search the contact that you want to merge 

2. Once the desired contact has been located click the Merge Contact button to navigate to the merge contact details page 



3. Select the contact that you wish to delete/merge 

*Note: The system will auto-populate the contact that was selected in step two into the MERGE INTO column 

4. Review and confirm via the Preview Result column 

*Note: The resulting merged contact will be associated with both locations and companies.




Show partially paid amount on Invoice Link 

With today's release Invoice Link now displays the correct current outstanding balance along with the total payment that has already been applied towards a particular invoice.

Now, when a customer navigates to the Pay Now page via the  mceclip1.png button in the Invoice Link they will see the partial payment informational text (highlighted yellow) -> Displaying applied payments and outstanding balance reference.

Note: The Payment Amount field will default to the outstanding balance and is not editable.




Net 120 Payment terms 

Today's release also introduces the NET 120 payment term that can now be applied to Service Contracts and Invoices in the same manner as all other currently available payment terms options. 


This new payment term option is now visible within the Payments Terms section of the Account Settings. 


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