Syncing ServiceTrade Jobs with Sage 300 CRE SM Work Orders

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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  • Pixis Manager Console App for Sage 300 CRE.
  • Import SM Work Order sync.
  • Note: For information on Creating and Managing Sage 300 CRE SM Purchase Orders click here.

How Sync Works

Video Walkthrough

  1. Once you have created a ServiceTrade job, selected a job type, and an applicable service line...

    Note: The service line is synced to a ‘call type’ when creating the work order in Sage 300 CRE Service Mgt.
  2. The Pixis Manager Console App will sync the following ServiceTrade job data fields with Sage 300 CRE Service Mgt Work Orders.
    • Location Tab: Location, Customer, Center
    • General Tab: Call Type, Problem Code

Example Problem Codes

Note: ST = ServiceTrade
Recommended setting up a ‘generic’ call type called “ServiceTrade.”

  • ST HVAC = HVAC Diagnostic
  • ST ELEC= ELEC Diagnostic
  • ST PLUMB = PLUMB Diagnostic

Field Mapping





Sage Work Order

ServiceTrade Job 


Office/Center with GL Prefix 

Problem Dode/Department/Division 

Service Line 

Job Items 

Product Items 

Call Type in SM

Job Type 

Note: When the PO is created in SM the ‘call type’ is referenced to the service line created for the Job and used for the line item of the PO on the ServiceTrade job.

*The ServiceTrade job/work order import task default is to ‘Run’. This automatically syncs ServiceTrade Job Data to the Sage 300 CRE SM work order in specific time intervals.


Video Walkthrough

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