ServiceTrade Certifications Overview

Adam Gurley
Adam Gurley
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The ServiceTrade certification courses are powerful tools that will assist you and your employees in becoming experts in the use of ServiceTrade's software. These courses are rich, in-depth material designed to provide you with all of the necessary knowledge and skills to use the application to its fullest potential. This article will provide a brief overview of each course so that you can enroll your staff in the most relevant courses for them.

ServiceTrade Office Certification

This ServiceTrade certification course for office users is designed to be used alongside the browser-based application.

Topics covered include:

  1. Navigating the app
  2. Creating customers and locations
  3. Quoting
  4. Managing jobs
  5. Invoicing

The topics covered in this course will allow schedulers, dispatchers, salespeople, and others to transition their current roles into the ServiceTrade application.

ServiceTrade Administrator Certification

The ServiceTrade Administrator course continues where the office certification left off, allowing for your ServiceTrade admins to become the authority for the software in the office. Topics covered include:

  1. My Account - offices, regions, branding, users, roles, vendors, blank paperwork, tags, items, terms, and conditions
  2. Contracts
  3. Bulk imports
  4. Account settings - default behaviors, asset and service line selection, integrations
  5. Tech scorecard 

Mobile Certification

Much like the office certification prepares your staff to fulfill their daily tasks within ServiceTrade, the technician certification allows your techs to become familiar with the abilities and features of the ServiceTrade mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Topics covered include:

  1. Navigating the app
  2. Clocking In/Out
  3. Creating deficiencies
  4. Adding assets
  5. Completing paperwork

Advanced Mobile Certification

Continuing where the mobile certification left off, this course is for the technicians in your company that have advanced application permissions, not contained within the default technician role ServiceTrade provides. Topics covered include:

  1. Creating customer locations
  2. Creating jobs
  3. Quoting
  4. Adding Services
  5. Invoicing


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