How to Access Project Management Features

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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ServiceTrade's Project Management suite of features is now available for Premium and Enterprise customers.

If you are interested in upgrading to access these features, please contact your ServiceTrade Account Manager or email


Project Management features allow Premium and Enterprise customers to better manage cost expectations for projects regardless of the size through the project's lifecycle. It provides insight into seen and unforeseen changes to better manage the impact on a project's or job's bottom line.

To use Project Management features, an admin user in your ServiceTrade account must assign your office staff special role activities.

This article will walk you through the two ways to set up office users with the correct activities to create and/or view budgets on a job.


Project Management Role Activity Permissions

There are three new role activities in ServiceTrade that you can add to custom roles to allow users to create, edit, delete, and view budgets on Jobs.

New Project Management Role Activities

  • View Budgets - To have access to only viewing budgets.
  • Manage Budgets - To have access to create, edit, delete, and view budgets regardless of who created the budget.
  • Manage Own BudgetsTo have access to create, edit, delete, and view budgets created by the user.

Note: All default  Account Admin users are automatically granted all of these activity role permissions.


Adding Project Management to Existing Roles

First, you'll need to know how to create and manage custom roles.

In addition to budget permissions, users must also have access to labor and non-labor cost activities permissions because budgets = costs. Activity permissions below:

  • View and Edit Non-Labor Item Costs
  • View and Edit Labor Item Costs

Below are two recommended ways for assigning appropriate Project Management activity role permissions to non-admin users:

  1. Add activity permissions to an existing role

    In the example below, I want my user with the existing custom role "Director of Sales" to be able to view budgets.

    I am granting the activities of "View Budgets", "View and Edit Non-Labor Item Costs" and "View and Edit Labor Item Costs."

  2. Copy an existing role, add the appropriate budget permissions, and then assign the users that you want to have access to project management.

    In the example below, I want some of my Account Managers to have the ability to create, edit, view, and delete budgets.

    I am copying the "Account Manager" Role, and granting the activities of "Manage Budgets", "View and Edit Non-Labor Item Costs" and "View and Edit Labor Item Costs"
    Then I am renaming the Role to "Budget Manager."

    All I have to do now is assign the users I want to manage budgets to the new role.

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