Creating a Budget from a Quote

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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Budget Management is now available in beta for Premium and Enterprise customers. Budget Management is the first release in our larger Project Management suite in 2022. Upcoming releases related to Project Management include WIP (work in progress) and advanced billing features, among others. If you are interested in getting early access to budget management, reach out to your ServiceTrade Account Manager or email .

In the article Enabling and Creating Budgets from a Job, we learned that a Budget is typically created from a job.
However, there may be instances when you want to create a job and a budget directly from an approved quote. Especially if your quote has quote items with granular service association set up for your services.

This article will walk you through how to create a job and budget from a quote and what that budget pulls from the quote.


  • In order to use Budget Management you need to be a Premium or Enterprise customer
  • Budget Management Role Permissions enabled for the user
  • The Quote has been 'Approved'
  • To best utilize this feature, we recommend that you have items on your quote with granular service associations.


Creating a Granular Level Budget from a Quote

Note: The budgets created from quotes will always be granular-level budgets.

  1. From your approved quote, click the Create Job From Quote button
    • This takes you to the Create Job From Quote menu
    • For PO Number, Job Due Date, Attachments, etc, follow the normal instructions for Creating Jobs from Quotes
  2. Toggle the Create a Budget for this Job on
  3. Click the Create Job From Quote button
    • This takes you to the newly created Job Page, where you will see a Budget Total in the Job Summary
  4. Click View Budget to open your Budget in a new tab or window


What's in the Budget?

When the Job and Granular Budget are created from the quote, ServiceTrade automatically pulls granular service and the item information associated with those services into your job and budget.
Click here to learn more about Granular Level Budget.

Note: If the quote has no items, then the budget will be empty and have a Budget Total of $0.00
See the example below:



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