Creating a Project (and a Budget) from a Quote

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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The article Enabling and Creating Budgets from a Job discusses how Budgets are sometimes created from scratch on a Project. This is typical when you have an approved quote or agreement in an external system, and need to copy that information into your Project's Budget.

However, you typically want to create a project and a budget directly from an approved quote. This article will walk you through how to create a job and budget from a quote and what that budget pulls from the quote.


  • To use Project Management, you must be a Premium or Enterprise customer.
  • Budget Management Role Permissions enabled for the user
  • The Quote has been 'Approved'
  • We recommend having items on your quote with granular service associations to utilize this feature best.


Creating a Granular Level Budget from a Quote

Note: The budgets created from quotes will always be granular-level budgets.

  1. From your approved quote, click the Create Job From Quote button. This takes you to the Create Job From Quote menu.
  2. Click to toggle the Make this Job a Project on.
  3. Click the Create Project From Quote button. This takes you to the newly created Job Page, where you will see a Budget Total in the Job Summary. The Job Mode will be set 'Project'.
  4. On the Job Status section, click View Budget to open your Budget in a new tab or window.

Locking the Budget

Once the budget has been created from a quote, it's important to lock your budget. The approved quote represents the agreed upon cost and price of this project's budget. So any additional changes to the budget need to be made via a Change Order.


What's in the Budget?

When the Job and Granular Budget are created from a quote, ServiceTrade automatically pulls the quote services and the item information associated with those services into your project and budget.
Click here to learn more about Granular Level Budget.

See the example below:


How do I track how a Project is Performing in relation to it's Budget?

Using The Project Performance Page

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