Sage 300 CRE Error Message When Importing Invoices - "Distribution Amounts Do Not Sum Up To Total Invoice Amounts"

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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If you receive the error message "Distribution amounts do not sum up to total invoice amounts" from Sage 300 CRE printouts, the total amounts on the distribution (ARD) records do not match the amount on the invoice (ARI) record in the import file. 

This article will show you best practices for handling this issue when importing ServiceTrade Invoices to Sage 300 CRE.

The Issue

There may be times when you need to create a ServiceTrade Invoice with a zero-dollar invoice total.

A zero dollar Service Trade invoice will be rejected when Syncing ServiceTrade Invoices with Sage 300 CRE AR Invoices because Sage 300 CRE AR Invoice will not allow zero-dollar invoices and zero-dollar line items of distribution.

The Solution

If you get the error message follow these steps:

  1. Edit the AR reject text file to remove zero dollar invoices AND/OR remove AR distribution line with zero dollar value.
  2. Make sure the distribution amounts and/or the invoice amounts match.
  3. Save your changes.
  4. Import the reject file.
  5. In ServiceTrade, edit the invoice status to SENT for zero-dollar invoices. 
    • DO NOT use the "Send to Accounting" button

ServiceTrade invoices that are edited to "sent" status do not sync to Sage 300 CRE.
ONLY by clicking the “Sending to Accounting” button will invoices be synced to Sage 300 CRE.


In ServiceTrade, view the Invoice History - Invoices that are manually marked ‘SENT’ are not sent to Sage 300 CRE. Users need to use 'Send to Accounting' to sync invoice data with Sage 300 CRE. ServiceTrade invoice data synced with Sage 300 CRE will display the following message when invoice information is submitted:

"Invoice submitted to accounting system"


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