Job Page Filtering; Negative Payments; Add Locations to Companies that are not Inactive (April 20, 2022)

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The new web app features that were released on April 20th, 2022 include:

Filtering a Job Page

A function our customers have frequently requested is the ability to filter a Job page.  With this release, it is now possible to filter by date range what will be displayed under all accordions within the Job page. This new capability is especially beneficial when viewing and managing large jobs that have multiple scheduled appointments, services, clock events, deficiencies, assets, invoices, comments, and attachments

How to filter a Job page 

In order to filter down the results set under each accordion of the Job page, you will need to navigate to the Filter dropdown located at the top right of the Job page.

1. Click the Filter button in order to upon up the filter modal dropdown window


2. Enter a custom From and To date frame or simply select one predefined of the Date Presets 

3. Once you have captured the desired date range click the Filter Job Page button to filter you result set


Note: When a filter has been applied to a Job page and while it is active the system will change the Filter icon of the Filter dropdown button along with all accordion pill labels to a light blue color to indicate to the user viewing the page that they are viewing a filtered view of the Job page. 


How to clear a filter that has been applied to a Job page 

1. Navigate back to the Filter dropdown modal window 

2. Click the Clear Filter link and confirm your decision by clicking the Filter Job Page button in order close the Filter dropdown modal window and refresh the Job page accordingly.

Negative Payments 

So that payment records can be accurately described from core accounting systems in ServiceTrade, this release allows users to enter negative payments into ServiceTrade. This new capability allows users with the appropriate permission setting to:
  • enter a payment with a negative dollar amount in the payment UI
  • create a payment with a negative dollar amount via the payment API


Add Locations to Companies that are not Inactive

This release addresses a longstanding request to be able to add locations to companies that are in any status other than 'inactive'. This change will now allow users to create quotes and conduct more sales setup work for customers that are not yet under contract.

Noticeable UI changes:

  • On the company view page -> The green  'Add Location' button appears if the company is in any status other than Inactive
  • In the Locations accordion -> The small 'Add Location' button appears in the top left corner if the company is in any status other than Inactive

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