Adding Vendor Part Numbers to Items in PartsManager

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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Important Note: PartsLedger is now PartsManager. PartsManager retains all of the parts purchasing and warehouse management automation benefits of its predecessor. To read more about this exciting change, click here.


A Vendor part number is a code used by a vendor to uniquely identify the part. These part numbers are also how PartsManager, formerly known as PartsLedger, identifies the Vendor Pricing for the items on a Purchase Order.

The following steps will walk you through how to add Vendor part numbers to items in PartsManager.


How to Add a Vendor Part Numbers to a PartsManager Item

  1. On the Nav Bar, click Inventory and then click Items to navigate to the Items List Page
  2. Select the Item you want to add a Vendor Parts Number to
  3. Click the Part Numbers tab
  4. Click the + New Button to open the Add Part Number Menu
  5. Select the Vendor
  6. Type the Item's Vendor specific Part Number
  7. Once complete click Submit
    • Repeat steps 4-6, if you want to add additional Vendor Part Numbers

Additional Information

You cannot have multiple Item Part Numbers for the same Vendor.

If you want to bulk import Vendor Part Numbers click the link below:

How to Import Vendor Parts Numbers Into PartsManager

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