How to Import Stock Counts (Cycle Counts) into PartsManager

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Important Note: PartsLedger is now PartsManager. PartsManager retains all of the parts purchasing and warehouse management automation benefits of its predecessor. To read more about this exciting change, click here.


Sometimes your company will want to verify that the physical count of inventory aligns with what is in your PartsManager, formerly known as PartsLedger, Inventory Stock. This is usually referred to as a Cycle Count. 

After you have finished physically counting the items in a warehouse, you likely want to bulk update your stock, inspect the variance, and then book the stock adjustments for the variance in the count to ensure that your PartsManager Inventory Stock is up to date. In PartsManager this is called a Bulk Stock Counts Upload.

This article will walk you through how to Bulk Import Stock Counts into PartsManager.

Note: Importing in PartsManager requires an Account Admin user role.


How to Input Stock Count Information into the Bulk Stock Count Template

Users can upload a list of item counts for one warehouse at a time.

  1. Follow the instructions on Where to Find the Item Number and setting up your Import Template.
  2. Input the correct quantity for the items in your warehouse.
    • The table below will define the required field names in each column.
  3. After filling out the template, save it as a .csv file type.
    • If uploading stock counts for multiple warehouses, It's best practice to notate in the file name what Warehouse this Stock Count Adjustment is for, so you can reference it when uploading.
Field Name Description

*required The Item Number of an item you want to update the Warehouse Stock Count.

Where to Find the Item Number


*required The amount you have counted in the physical inventory of the item on this row.

Must be greater than or equal to 0


If there is more in physical inventory, this will be used as the variance
stock adjustment unit price.

*Optional and must be greater than 0


Where to Find the Item Number and Setting up your Import Template

This video below will walk you through finding the Item Number and setting up your Import Template.

The instructions below show you how to locate item.number.

On the Nav Bar, click Inventory, then click Items.

This will take you to Items List Page. The Number column lists your Item's Number. See the below image:


Uploading Stock Count Drafts into PartsManager

When you upload a Stock Count into PartsManager, a Stock Count Draft is created. The Stock will not be adjusted until you have approved the Stock Count Draft.

  1. In PartsManager on the Nav Bar, click Inventory and then click Stock Counts
  2. Click the Upload Button, to open the Stock Counts Upload Menu
  3. Click the Choose File Button, and select the Stock Count .csv you want to upload
  4. Select the Warehouse you want to upload a Stock Count for.
  5. Click the blue Upload button
    • If successful, a record of the completed upload will now be present on the Stock Count list.
      Clicking the blue Upload icon under the Actions column of that record will allow you to download the import file you uploaded.
    • If unsuccessful, a record of the failed upload will now be present on the Stock Count list.


Managing Stock Count Drafts

This section will cover:


Click the Stock Counts Drafts Tab to navigate to the Stock Counts Drafts Menu.

Each row represents a specific Item's Stock Count Draft for a single warehouse. The first two columns list the relevant Item and its Warehouse. Below are the additional fields and their definitions:

  • System Job is the uploaded file name and reference
  • Quantity is the physical inventory counted (supplied in upload)
  • Current Quantity is the Amount PartsManager currently has in inventory
  • Variance = (Uploaded Quantity) - (Current Quantity)
  • Variance ($) = (Uploaded Quantity x Item Purchase Price) - (Current Quantity x Item Purchase Price)
  • Unit Cost is the unit cost supplied in the upload
  • Item Purchase Price is the Item’s Purchase Price in PartsManager


Approving Stock Count Drafts

After reviewing a Stock Count Draft, you can now approve the adjustment.

  1. Checking the box or boxes next to the Stock Count Drafts you want to approve opens a menu with an Approve and Delete Button.
  2. Click Approve to open the Approve Adjustments Menu.
  3. Select the appropriate Adjustment Ledger Account
  4. Select a Submit Date
  5. Click the Confirm Button


Deleting Stock Count Drafts

Sometimes when reviewing your Stock Count Drafts, you may want to delete an entry.

  1. Checking the box or boxes next to the Stock Count Drafts you want to approve opens a menu with an Approve and Delete Button
  2. Click Delete to open the Delete Confirmation Menu
  3. Click Confirm to delete the selected rows
    • or Cancel to return to the Stock Count Drafts Menu


Editing Stock Count Drafts

After uploading, sometimes you may need to make changes to a Stock Count Draft before approving it. Follow the steps below to Edit a Sock Count Draft.

  1. Under the Action Column, Click the 3 vertical dots Icon
  2. Click the Pencil Icon to open the Update Stock Count Menu
  3. Enter the new Quantity and Unit Cost
  4. Click the Submit Button when done
    • or Cancel to return to the Stock Count Drafts Menu


Bulk Stock Count Import Template File

Import this template file into your spreadsheet software. After entering your Bulk Stock Count, this file should be saved as a .csv file.

Download the following file:

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