How to Enable and Use Nearby Jobs

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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Nearby Jobs is an optional feature in the Mobile App that empowers techs to view and take action on Jobs that are near their current location, regardless if they are on the scheduled appointment. This can be useful to techs when they need to find a job to perform work on that is also near their location. This feature can be turned off using role permissions.

Note: The Nearby Jobs Menu will list up to 50 of the Jobs that are closest to the tech's current physical location, within a range of 250 miles.

It will show all released appointments. If the appointment is unreleased it will not be visible. User office assignments and job office assignments will not affect what is visible. Neither will an appointment already assigned to another tech or scheduled to a past or future date affect visibility.

However, the Technician's selected Service Lines must match the Job's Appointment Service Line.


How to Enable Nearby Jobs

  1. Tap Preferences
  2. Toggle on Nearby Jobs
    • A Nearby Jobs Button appears at the bottom of the app.
  3. Tap the Nearby Jobs Button to open the Nearby Jobs Menu



Using the Nearby Jobs List and Map

Nearby Jobs List

The Nearby Jobs list functions identically to the Appointments List. Click on the desired Appointment's Job Number to open the Job Page.


Nearby Jobs Map

The Nearby Jobs Map will show the tech a map with their current location and nearby jobs (represented by Geo Tags.) They can tap the Appointments's Geo Tags to open and access the Job Info.

See the GIF below for more info:

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