Understanding Activities, Roles, and User Types

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Derek Torres
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In ServiceTrade there are three different terms commonly used when discussing roles and activities (permissions.)

This article will define and explain the relationship between an Activity, Role, and User Type. It will also cover how these Activities, Roles, and User Types affect and account for your overall subscription license total.



An Activity is a specific authorization that can be granted to a Role. Activities determine if a User assigned a Role with specific activities granted can or cannot create, edit, manage and/or view certain parts of the ServiceTrade Office and Mobile App.

You cannot create custom activities. Click the following link, for a list of all available Role Activities and Descriptions.




Role is a collection of granted Activities that can be assigned to Users to grant those users the activities within that Role in the ServiceTrade Office and Mobile App.

There are built-in default Roles in ServiceTrade for Admins, Managers, Sales, Schedulers, Techs, and Helpers. You can also create custom Roles if necessary.

Click the following link to learn more about assigning Roles when Creating and Managing Users.



User Types

There are three different User Types in ServiceTrade: Salesperson, Technician, and Helper.

User Type is a special designation that can be selected for a User. When a User Type is selected, it ensures that the user will be visible at specific places in the ServiceTrade Office and Mobile App.

User Type can be assigned on the Create User Menu or the Edit User Menu, by selecting the User Type Checkboxes.


Selecting a User Type will add a badge next to the User's name on the Users List Page.


User Type will automatically be selected if your User is given a Role with specific Activities granted.

We will cover this in detail in the following section.


Technicians and Helpers User Types

When selecting Technician or Helper User Type on the Create or Edit User Page the User will automatically be assigned the default roles below:

  • Technician User Type - The "Account Tech + History" Role or the last custom Account Tech role you created.
  • Helper User Type - The "Account Tech Helper" Role
    • Selecting Helper on the Edit User Page will automatically remove all other existing roles.

Note: The Helper and Technician User Type cannot be combined. However, Helper and Technician can be combined with the Salesperson User Type.


When does a User Type Automatically get Selected for User?

Certain User Types will automatically be selected for a User if the following conditions are met.

  • Technician - The User is assigned a default or custom Role with the "Perform Job as a Tech" Activity granted to the Role.
  • Helper - The User is assigned the default role "Account Tech Helper."
    • Assigning a User the Account Tech Helper Role will remove all other existing Roles.

Note: It's important to understand that User Type is not a Role and doesn't grant activities. However, a user assigned a Helper or Technician User Type must have a Role assigned with the specific Activities or Roles listed above.


Salesperson User Types

The Salesperson User Type when selected makes it possible to assign and search that user as a Salesperson on Quotes, Jobs, and Contracts.

Selecting Salesperson does not assign a Role to the user.

To learn more about the Salesperson user type click the following link on Salesperson Tracking.


The Paid License Status

A User is given the Paid License Status check mark when assigned a Role with the Activity "Mobile App Access" granted.

Note: That the “Mobile App Access” activity must be granted to a Tech User to access both the Mobile App and Web App View.

Helper Users can only access the ServiceTrade Mobile App with this activity.

Note: Users with a Paid License Status with a checkmark indicate that the user will count towards your overall subscription license total.


  • A User with a User Type "Technician" and a Paid Status Checkmark will count towards your overall Technician subscription license total.
  • A User with a User Type "Helper" and a Paid Status Checkmark will count towards your overall Helper subscription license total.


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