Automatically Update the Standard Cost of Items in ServiceTrade When Receiving

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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Important Note: PartsLedger is now PartsManager. PartsManager retains all of the parts purchasing and warehouse management automation benefits of its predecessor. To read more about this exciting change, click here.


We’re excited to announce that PartsManager, formerly known as PartsLedger, can now update ServiceTrade’s Standard Item Cost based on the unit cost of the last received Item in PartsManager!

This will advance your Quoting abilities, as you’ll be able to use your most recent and likely higher replacement cost for estimates, even if you have lower-cost inventory available.

PartsManager will always provide ServiceTrade with the true Job costs, using either direct Purchase Order costs or inventory values depending on the line Item’s source. However, now you’ll get accurate part replacement costs to protect your margins better.

Want to get started?


Update the Default Cost of Items Manually

  1. Log into PartsManager
  2. On the Navigation Bar, click Inventory.
  3. Then click Items.
  4. Search for the Item and click on the Item ID to open the Item's Page.
  5. Click the pencil icon to open the Edit Item menu.
  6. If all you want to do is push the current cost in PartsManager to ServiceTrade, which is useful when correcting incorrect ST data, simply click Submit, and PartsManager will update ServiceTrade within seconds.
    • Otherwise, edit the PartsManager data and click Submit.

Note: This cost will be used for quotes, estimates, etc in ServiceTrade, and for purchase orders in PartsManager where specific vendor costs aren’t present.


Update the Default Cost of Items Automatically Upon Receipt

  1. Log into PartsManager.
  2. On the Navigation Bar, click Settings.
  3. The click System.
  4. Toggle the setting Default Update Item Purchase Price on Receive
    • Toggling ON - Shipment Receipts will automatically update that Item’s default cost, which will automatically sync to that Item’s default cost in ServiceTrade.
    • Toggling OFF - Shipment Receipts will not automatically update that Item’s default cost, and both PartsManager and ServiceTrade data will remain unchanged.
      Note: Users have the ability to override this behavior on a per line item basis.

Override your Account’s Cost Updating Behavior for a Specific Item

You can override your accounts cost updating behavior one at a time for a specific item receipt. Follow the Receiving Items on a Purchase Order in PartsManager like normal until you get to the Receive Purchase Order Menu.

You will see an Update Default Cost toggle on the desired line item.


It will either be set to ON or OFF based on your account setting described in the earlier section.

  1. Toggling the Update Default Cost setting to your desired state.
  2. Click Confirm.

Note: This only affects this one line item on this one receipt, and will not persist to any other shipment receipts in the future. This is helpful if you have a discounted item that you do not want to change your standard cost, or if you want to choose each time you want to opt into this feature each time.

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