How to Verify Your User List's License Subscription Total

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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With the recent updates to how Users are managed in ServiceTrade, you will need to verify your User list to ensure that your Users’ Types, Roles, and Activities are correct so that you only pay for active Technicians and Helper Users who have permission to use the mobile app.

Please verify your user list ASAP.

If you have questions or need additional licenses, contact your ServiceTrade Account Manager. 

Note: If you have more Paid (Technicians or Helpers) Users in your account than are on your contract, your Account Manager will reach out to you to discuss your additional license needs.

What is a Helper License?


Video Walkthrough


Verifying Your User List Steps

Here are instructions for reviewing and editing users in your ServiceTrade account. 

  1. Click My Account.
  2. Then click Users.
  3. On the User Search Bar, click the Status drop-down and select Active.
    • This is so you can filter and view all active Users. You may need to click reset to clear any existing searches before you select Active users.
  4. Click the Search button to search all Active Users.

  5. Deactivate any Users who no longer need access to your ServiceTrade account by following the instructions in the image below:

  6. Assign the default Role "Account Placeholder Tech" to Users that need to be scheduled for Appointments but do not need to use the Mobile App. Be sure to remove any Roles that have the activity "Mobile App Access."
    These might be office Users or Placeholder Technicians used to track equipment.

    When assigned the "Account Placeholder Tech" Role, the User will have the Tech Badge, but no Paid Status checkmark.

  7. For Users that will not be scheduled on Job Appointments or use the Mobile App, uncheck the User is a Technician checkbox and remove any Roles with the Mobile App Access activity.

  8. If you have "Helper Tech" users, assign those users the Helper User Type.

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