What is a Helper License?

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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This article will define the Helper License, in your ServiceTrade Contract. It will also take an in-depth look at the functionality of the "Helper" User Type and "Account Tech Helper" Role in ServiceTrade.

If you have more questions about Helper Licenses, please contact your Account Manager.


What is a Helper License?

The video below will explain what a Helper License is:

Note: A an active User has the Helper User Type they will count towards your overall subscription license total.

Helper Techs only has access to the Mobile App. They do not have access to the Web App View.

Helper Techs cannot use PartsManager or InspectionManager.

They can however use Service Timecard. They will have limited functionality. See more details here Setting up Service Timecard.


When a new Helper User is created, they are granted the default role of "Account Tech Helper" which grants the following activities to the User:

  • Perform a Job as a Helper: Can be assigned as a helper to a job.
  • View Deficiencies: View deficiencies at a location.
  • Manage My Attachments: View, update, and edit attachments that you created.
    • Note: A Helper User can create attachments but can only view, update, and edit attachments they created.
  • Mobile App Access: Indicates if you have access to the mobile app.
  • Clock in and out: Clock in and out of jobs.
  • View, List, and Search Jobs: View, list, and search for jobs.
  • View Other Companies: View information about other companies (customers and vendors.)
  • View Location Info for My Company: View information about your company's locations.
  • View Tags: Can view existing tags.
  • View Users: View user information.
  • View Contacts: View contacts information.

You can check out the following article for more information:




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