License Restructuring and Helpers (August 2, 2022)

Derek Torres
Derek Torres
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The video below provides an overview and context of the changes related to the License Management and Helper License release, including:

  • What counts as a Paid License? 
  • Understanding the difference between Technician licenses and Helper licenses.
  • How to use the User Management Tool, on the User List page.

Note: The “Mobile App Access” activity must be granted to a User to access the Mobile App.  Web App View is accessible to Techs but is not accessible to Helpers.


Verifying Your User List

This section will help your company verify that the paid license total on your contract matches your active count of Tech and Helper Users in your ServiceTrade User List.

The following video and articles will walk you through Verifying Your User List's License Subscription Total.

What To Do If You Need More Licenses

If you need to purchase more Technician or Helper Licenses for your account, please contact your ServiceTrade Account Manager for further assistance.


Update The Mobile App

Your Helper license Users will need to update to ServiceTrade Mobile App Version 4.1 or greater to continue to use the Mobile App. An Account Tech Helper User will not be able to log in to earlier versions of the App.

How to Verify and Update the ServiceTrade Mobile App


Additional Information

If you want additional information about User Management and Helper Licenses use the relevant links below.

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