Managing Subcontracted Jobs

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Derek Torres
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In ServiceTrade, you can manage and complete Jobs Subcontracted to you. We cover Subcontracting Jobs and inviting a Subcontractor to ServiceTrade in these articles.

This article walks users through viewing and managing Jobs that have been subcontracted to their account.



  • Must have created ServiceTrade account.
  • You can create a Free Trial account here
    • A Free Trial Account includes unlimited quotes, unlimited technicians, unlimited storage for photos and work documents, and unlimited location records. Your account will include the ability to create 20 jobs per month. Creating more than 20 per month will require a paid account.
  • Accounts without a ServiceTrade License Subscription (Trial Accounts) will not be provided support.


Searching Subcontracted Jobs

On the Job's List Page, you can search for Jobs that have been Subcontracted from another Vendor.

  1. In the Subcontracted From field, select the name of the Vendor you are looking for that has subcontracted Jobs to your account.
  2. Enter any other search parameters you require.
  3. Click Search to find Jobs subcontracted from the selected Vendor.

Viewing Subcontracted Jobs

Jobs subcontracted to your account on the Job's List Page, will have an orange 'C' under the Details column next to the Vendor's name.

Navigating to the Job Page you can see a blue bar that indicates what Vendor subcontracted the Job to your account. The Company (Bill to) on the Job will be the original Vendor who subcontracted the Job.


Managing Subcontracted Jobs

Managing subcontracted Jobs functions nearly identically to managing regular Jobs in ServiceTrade.

Note:  Accounts without a ServiceTrade License Subscription will not be able to manage Jobs using the ServiceTrade Mobile App. You must manage Jobs using the Office Web App. We will not provide support for accounts without a License Subscription.

 To learn more about managing Jobs see the following articles.

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